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Collect data securely

CelerForm lets you collect data securely from your users. You can selectively encrypt data elements before storing them in the data store of your choice—AWS S3, NoSQL database, or a content management system (CMS).


While reviewing the data submitted in forms, reviewers can selectively unlock specific fields, enter their comments and send them back to the submitters. Submitters can then review, update and resubmit data.

Mockup of two tablet devices. One tablet is displaying the Celerform Administration panel and the created forms within. The other tablet is displaying a tablet view of Standard Form 1449 in the Form Designer.

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  • Enterprise solution to visually design complex forms and publish them instantly to users
  • Support for syntactic and semantic data validation
  • Ability to collaborate between submitter and reviewer to correct errors in a form after submission
  • Built-in analytics by aggregating data from the forms submitted by users
  • Support for hierarchical organization structure and role-based access control


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